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Meet our Team: Resume
Aaron Shea Massage Therapist Sports Massage Uconn Athletes

Aaron Shea
Licensed Massage Therapist,
Medical Massage Practitioner, Owner


Aaron has been an LMT since 2018. Aaron was fortunate enough to start with Uconn Athletics in 2018 and work with college athletes. This gave Aaron a strong foundation in sports massage and quick assesment skills that he also implements in orthopedic sessions. Aaron also works at Glastonbury Massage center and as a chiropractic assistant at Damato's Chiropractic Center. Aaron studied with Advanced Body Works to become a Medical Massage Practitioner.


Aaron is a hard working therapist, but also trains Brazilian Jujitsu, as well as playing disc golf and basketball. He is a musician and songwriter and enjoys playing out.

What do his clients think?

"One of the best deep tissue massages I've ever had. Exactly the right pressure and worked the areas I had directed him to. Very professional and calming."

Meet our Team: Resume


Meet Nicole Luckey, our Lymphatic and Oncology Massage Therapist. Nicole has worked as an L.M.T. for Hartford Healthcare since 2019. After her graduation from Cortiva Institute Nicole took on extra training to be a certified oncology therapist. She also studied under Geunter Klose to become a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. Nicole also enjoys working at Glastonbury Massage Center. Nicole also studied with Advanced Body Works to become a Medical Massage Practitioner.


Outside of work Nicole enjoys making art, the outdoors, and above all time with her daughter and family.

What do Nicole's clients say?

"Appointments with you have been something I've looked forward to through my journey with cancer."

Nicole Luckey Massage Therapist Hartford Healthcare oncology lymphedema manual lymphatic drainage therapist

Nicole Luckey
Certified Lymphedema Therapist,
Medical Massage Practitioner, Manager

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