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Lymphatic drainage is a rhythmic, sequential, and relaxing modality that helps stimulate the bodies lymphatic system. Our lymphatic systems primary function is to remove and recirculate fluid that leaks from our blood vessels. Sounds scary, right? Actually its happening all the time and without this function we wouldn't make it more than 24 hours. Luckily our body does this without much instruction but in some cases either our lymphatic system is obstructed (surgery, raditation treatments, congenital, etc.) or we are faced with more fluid leakage that can be too much for our healthy lymphatic system to handle like swelling from an injury. This is the reason that lymphatic and oncology massage go hand in hand. Contrary to intuition that might make you visualize your therapist pushing around fluid under your skin, what we are really doing is using a specialized technique that stimulates the stretch receptors in your lymphatic system to kick it into gear. The Lymphatic system is very involved and lymphedema is just within the last few years becoming more understood and acknowledged. We know this may be confusing but luckily our lymphatic therapist, Nicole, is a lymphatic therapist and can help clarify.
Consider lymphatic drainage if you've had an injury with swelling, or have recently had or are going to have surgery to reduce swelling, and healing time. Not sure if your a good candidate for lymphatic drainage? You are! Boosting immune system function and reducing cellulitis are some of the great benefits that anyone can enjoy.

60 Minutes $85

90 Minutes $125

We often require multiple sessions for lymphatic drainage, See our packages here!