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Cupping Therapy


Relieve pain and improve range of motion in a dramatic way. Cupping is an ancient modality that has remained relevant for its evident benefits. It works to release muscle tension, trigger points, fascial tension. Giving it its classic bruise appearance, the dark circles actually mean your body is increasing blood flow and healing in that area. Some practitioners believe that by opening the pores it facilitates the release of toxins. Our cupping therapist Aaron has studied in Evidence Based Cupping and offers a unique approach.

Is it worth it to have dark circles for 10 days?

The short answer is, yes! Just not before a wedding. The benefits can be felt in most cases immediately after.

Here are some of our favorite cupping benefits we've witnessed with our clients and colleagues just this year:

A colleague had a head ache and painful muscle tension in her shoulder that persisted and worsened for days. The practitioner, Aaron, applied cups to specific points and instructed stretches and exercises. After less than 2 minutes with cups on this pain was relieved completely, the headache had moved out from behind the eyes and subsided and she could turn her head fully with no pain.

During a class a student described to the practitioner that she had an injury to her knee years ago and was no longer able to do a lunge. The practitioner applied cups and instructed movement and within minutes she was able to do a lunge for the first time in years.

Add-on to a massage with Aaron for $10.

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