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Insurance Billing

Are you covered?

In Connecticut some insurances cover massage therapy! Some cover a portion of it. Some reimburse you if you pay out of pocket, and some simply don't. It is quite a mixed bag. We are here to help. If you call the number on the back of your insurance card they will tell you if you are covered or not. If you fill out the insurance card portion on your intake after booking your appointment or call us before booking, we will call them for you! You should get a prescription from your doctor before your appointment with us.

Please note:

To bill your insurance we will need a doctors prescription.

We accept HSAs and FSAs, no prescription needed.

If your insurance does not reimburse massage it may still help to lower your deductible.

We will be taking Veterans Affairs insurance by 2024.

Massage therapy covered by insurance massage therapist that accepts insurance in connecticut


How much will it cost me?

Your out of pocket cost could range anywhere from $0 to $100. The hope is that if your insurance does not reimburse for massage, we can at least help lower your deductible!

Note: Because we are a medical practice, tipping is never expected but is appreciated.

Does medicare or medicaid cover massage?

Unfortunately they do not even if massage therapy is used to address medical issues. 

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